Why do we love triangles?

Why do we love triangles?

Dear Cycling Family,

Many of you asked us about the triangles we are using as a logo. Well we wanted to answer you and tell you more about our name and the brand you helped us create! So the company is called MOVA which means MOvilidad actiVA. Active Mobility in english, in other words, human powered mobility. The two triangles we like using have 2 meanings: They are the V and the Aof MOVA and also represent a bicycle frame, as you can see in the picture above. Yes it is quite complicated for such a simple logo, hope you got it! We love our logo!!

Thanks to you incredible support, we could also protect our brand. In other words, MOVA is now a registered brand. As crazy as it sounds, when we started the Kickstarter MOVA was not registered because we could not pay for it. Well thanks to you we could protect our name and our work.

Good news ! Daniela and Laura just ended processing all your information. We now know exactly who wants what and where to send it to. It looks simple but it took us almost one month to process everything. We had 26 different surveys and we had to match the information from those survey with the information Kickstarter.

Before Friday you will receive your confirmation order, please confirm as soon as possible!

As promised in the Kickstarter campaign, we also raised our prices for all our different products. For example, we now take pre-order of the jacket at 150USD! Soyes, you really made a good deal by backing us and we really cherish your support. It is the most precious thing that happened to us.

Next week we will show you the evolution of the jacket since the first prototype. Our first prototype was soooo terrible...  Hahaha, you will not believe what you will see. 

Ohhh and by the way, thanks a lot to all the backers who joined our Periscope Live. It was so cool to share this moment with you although a bit hard to switch between 3 languages :) We will do another one next week to take your reaction to our next video. 

Thanks for your trust, your patience and all the love you are sending us :)



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