Moving forward

Moving forward

Dear Cycling family,

We have a wonderful news! We finally received the money from Kickstarter in our company's bank account here in Bogotá, Colombia! It might be seen as an easy step but it's actually quite complicated to get that amount of money moving from the US to Colombia especially if your company is only 1 year old :slightly_smiling_face:

On a counter part, we just received a not-that-good news regarding our Colombian manufacturer. They do not have the capacity to receive MOVA's order this year. It means that we need to find other people who will be able to manufacture our jackets.

It's that a real problem? Well no :slightly_smiling_face: We know our business, and we have a solid team working on it. I have no doubt that in the coming weeks we will present you the people who will be manufacturing MOVA jackets.

It's not easy to find a manufacturer that has the technology to taped seam (in order to ensure a water resistance jacket). Only a few manufacturer use that technology here in Colombia. Oh! If any backers from Colombia know someone that could make that happened it would be great!

1st Edition Kickstarter Backers - Couple riding
1st Edition Kickstarter Backers - Couple riding

What about the surveys?

We have an egg vs chicken problem kind of thing. In order to send you the surveys, we need to be 100% sure of the CHILL SIDE FABRIC. If you did not know it yet, we decided to improve this fabric since we over-killed our funding goal.  We usually try to deliver better than what we promised.

Since we are still looking for the perfect chill fabric (light weight, resistant, breathable and plenty of colors) we did send the survey. Why ? Because you need to pick up colors! And we do not want to say... ups this will not be possible anymore because the fabric we chose does not have this color actually. Did you get it ? :D

Personal thinking about Women and urban cycling.

80% of urban cyclists are men 20% are women. And our customers reflect that! As such, 80% of Kickstarter backers are men. Our work at MOVA is to make urban cycling a better experience, especially to women. The main reasons why women do not ride bicycle in cities is because of an unsafe feeling while riding. We want to change that. We want to make women feel confortable on the saddle. And we deeply think that the jacket we create make that happen.

I also personally believe that we - men - have a key role to play in helping women feel safer on the saddle. I do not want to sound paternalist / machist or whatever. It's actually very different from the "HEY BABY, WANNA GET A RIDE?" and have the girl on the back seat of the motorcycle. It's actually giving the same conditions, same happiness feeling to the person you love! Showing the way by making the first cycling experience better, safer, more fun. So yes, I believe we can help our beloved to feel as happy as we are on a bicycle. 

What do you think about that ? I would LOVE YOUR COMMENTS. It's awesome to be talking/writing with you. I truly love it. 

Thanks & Ride in Peace



  • Luis

    Me gusta tu chaqueta y debo decir que cuando mencionaron que tenía un precio más bajo que el mercado, pensé que era cierto, talvez no es cara, pero si costosa, así que por el momento no la puedo comprar.

  • Linda Molano

    Lo que dices es verdad, las mujeres tenemos más temor de salir a la calle en bici por la inseguridad de la ciudad. En mi caso, fue mi esposo quien me animó a tomar la decisión de volverme biciusuaria. Él es el mejor ejemplo, lleva más de dos años rodando y lo único que le ha pasado es que se ha enamorado más de la bici. Ahora, soy muy feliz, ambos disfrutamos de la ciudad en bicicleta y espero inculcar este mismo entusiasmo en mi hijo. Opciones como las chaquetas de MOVA son increíbles porque nos dan más seguridad y confianza a la hora de salir a recorrer las calles bogotanas en bicicleta. Estamos muy emocionados esperando la hora de recibirlas.

  • Santiago Diaz

    Hola MOVA
    muchas gracias por crear un proyecto donde el mayor interes somos nosotros, los ciclistas que a diario pedaleamos ante las adversidades del clima, el mal estado de las calles y la falta de cultura vial con respecto al respeto por el ciclista. Me siento feliz de saber que adquiri un gran producto y a la espera de poder elegir el color de mi chaqueta.

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