We are more than a brand, bicycle ride June 10th

We are more than a brand, bicycle ride June 10th

May 26, 2017

Dear Cycling Family,

What is our job about ?

Our real job is not to make world's best urban cycling jacket. Although we are quite good at doing that. Our real job is to get people on their bicycle. If you already ride a bike, we want you to do more and go further. And for the one who do not ride a bike yet, to make them start. This is our real job. This is our why. Our job is to send a message to people around the world: Get on your bike now!

This is the reason why we created this event: the MOVA Rodada! 
Panitas de Bogotá, este evento es para ustedes! Necesitamos mandar un mensaje al mundo y podemos hacerlo juntos. Ustedes son nuestra razón de ser! Los queremos conocer y compartir con ustedes!!

What? We meet up, listen to music, drink & eat and ride bicycle around the city. It's a social bicycle event, perfect to meet new people and spend some time with some friend. Yes, you should invite your friends to come by with you.

June 10th - Starts at 12.30 for a lunch with the MOVA team. The Rodada will start at 2.30


La Guarida - Carrera 27a Bis # 61C - 06 - Bogotá, Colombia (Costado Norte del Coliseo del Campín). This is the center of the urban bicycle culture in Bogotá and we have our studio there, on the third floor. 
If you live in Bogotá, this event is for you. If you do not live in Bogotá, we will share picture & videos with you so that you can imagine what it would look like in your city :)

We really hope you will come, so please save the date! 10th of June!


Ride in Peace,


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