MOVA Jacket 3.0

Get a 22.000mm Waterproof, Reversible, Day and Night Visible, Packable, with 8 Pockets and a hood that fits your helmet. This jacket is the most complete and versatile product we’ve built so far. It’s our masterpiece.

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The MOVA 3.0 jacket gives you the power to confront the rain and the traffic while staying beautiful and organized.

From city streets to mountain trails you are ready to ride with style. It's fairly-produced and locally manufactured in Bogota with military standards and is built to last.

Waterproof: Seam sealed jacket and has fabrics that resist up to 22.000mm of rain (this means heavy rain for more than an hour).

Visible: The good-looking reflectives stripes and hi-visibility fabrics will make you visible form car drivers when riding your bicycle.

Reversible: when chilling or entering an important meeting the black chill side will make you go “incognito mode”.

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1. Swipe and find the cyclist that has a similar body shape.
2. Look at which size they wear.
3. Place your order.

The MOVA Cycling apparels fit to other brands.
You should order the same size you normally use. You also want to
double check by looking at the sizing chart.
Women sizing:
Since it's unisex and if you are a women, please order one size below
your normal size. Ex: If you normally order M please order S

Sizing chart notes:

                  1. Measurements in this sizing chart are for the jacket, not for the body.
                  2. "Body" and "Chest" measurements are only just one side on the jacket. It's not the circumference. We signal measurements this way so it's easy to measure on a flat table.
                    To get full length please multiply by 2 the number.

Get and add on and receive -15% on your order

What is the "add on" discount?

Apply the "ADDONS" discount to get -15% off your entire order at check out. Why ? on our website, all the products have shipping costs included in the price. So when you order 2 products or more, we cut the shipping costs so you save money.

With add ons you cover more cycling situations!

The sweater/hoody is your perfect second-layer that protects you from the cold weather.
The jersey is great for speed and any outdoor adventure. The Air Jacket is the lights apparel we've ever made and is perfect for mountain biking or road cycling.

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Your products will be delivered in 25 days. How? We use DHL and when we can, local bike messengers.

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Our goal is 100% satisfaction with all our customers. We'll do anything for you to be happy in life.

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We will do all we can to extend the durability of your product and get you back on your bicycle.

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Smart organization is everywhere:

    • 4 lateral waterproof pockets (2 on each side) to store any equipment like your gloves, your wallet or your phone.
    • 2 secret pockets (1 on each side) are perfect to store any small items like keys or a passport.
    • 1 back pocket to carry a notebook, a ball, a frisbee, a bottle of water of your dog’s favorite toy. Use to pack your jacket and carry it on your bike.
    • 22.000mm Waterproof layer (Cycling side)
    • Ultra light and breathable Inner layer (Chill side)
    • Seams 100% taped with thermo-polyester
    • Waterproof zippers
    • 500m reflectives stripes

Taking care of your jacket is easy:

  • Machine washable with cold water and soap
  • Never use softeners or harsh chemicals. It damages waterproofness
  • Hang and dry with fresh air. Don't use a dryer.