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100% made in Colombia by a 100% Colombian-French-German-American Team


our style

We are urban commuters, adventurers, travelers, all crazy about urban cycling. We love spending time dreaming about how we can change the world thanks to this beautiful machine.
We believe in a simple life where clothes are a tool that protects you from a though environment. We believe in a simple life where trade means profit for all and not all for the profit.

Our mission is to enable urban cyclists – everyday heroes – to enjoy their daily commuting as much as possible. We want everyone on a bike, ALWAYS.

 Mova Cycling Story: our style


our business

In 2015 we launched our first crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to the help of 1248 people, we created the most funded Cycling Jacket in Kickstarter history. Skyrocketing the funding goal, 2.640% more than the planned 5.000$, placed us in front of a great challenge. The project took a new scale and the Jackets where delivered to happy cyclists of the whole world with 5 months delay.
A second campaign build on the feedbacks of the first one increased the size of the MOVA Cycling Family up to 1823 members in more than 60 countries.
Our backers, our cycling family is the energy and soul of our company. We cannot thank them enough for their support, the ideas, love and critics they send us.
We have no traditional investors. We believe in crowdfunding to launch and improve products. We prefer adapt ourselves to our backers’ needs rather than to the business’ logic. The more funds we raise, the more we can implement ideas and improve the products.

You are our original investors. Thank you! We love you!

Mova cycling Story: Our Business


our founder

Born in the south of France, Roland learns how to ride a bike with his father and never gave up the handlebar! He studied a lot of cycling-unrelated things in the universities of Bordeaux, Istanbul and Bogotá.
After having read books about other books the whole day, he was tired of getting back home wet because of Bogota’s heavy rain.
So he decided to create his own jacket, worked 2 years on it and made it real thanks to the magic of Kickstarter. The Jacket soon became the most funded in crowdfunding history, and Roland a CEO (Cycling Experience Optimizator)
He keeps living in Bogota, you can see him on the road. Don’t miss him!

Mova Cycling Story: Roland the founder


our design philosophy: Durability + Elegance + Innovative features

Durability comes from 3 important elements:
Good design, excellent materials and perfect execution.
We over check all those stages to ensure durability when we create our clothes.

Elegance: Less is more.

Innovative features aim to solve old problems with new or better solutions. We design our clothes for urban cyclists like no one does. This is why we always implement new ideas thinking about how it could let you have a better cycling experience.


Mova Cycling Our story: our style design elegance simplicity