Our Mission


At MOVA, we are on a quest for happiness. We believe riding a bicycle everyday makes you a more happy person. That's why we want more people on a bike.

Sometimes, you might stay off your bike because you are afraid of getting wet, sweaty, not very good looking or because you are afraid from car drivers.

We understand you because we also ride bicycle everyday, all year long. 

We design waterproof, elegant and visible clothes that solve your cyclists problems so you can enjoy every ride, every day!

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We are dreamers and doers. We have no traditional investors because we believe in crowdfunding to launch and improve our products.

By supporting us, our backers made this company a reality.

Everything is designed and handmade in Bogotá, Colombia in excellent social conditions. We care about everyones' happiness.

We prefer to adapt ourselves to our values rather than to the business’ logic. We believe that people must go before profit.

By getting our products you are our original investors. Thank you! We love you!

 Packaging mova cycling made in colombia with love


Our backers, our cycling family is the energy and soul of our company. Creating this special relationship was possible thanks to our crowdfunding campaigns.

We now have a family of more than 4,000 cyclists in 67 countries. 

Kickstarter #1 
December 2015 / 1,248 Backers / $132,102. 

Products created:
- The MOVA Cycling Jacket 1.0 (no longer produced) 

Kickstarter #2
December 2016 / 480 Backers / $66,717.


Products created:
- The MOVA Cycling Jacket 2.0 
- The Urban Cycling Sweater 

Kickstarter #3
November 2017 / 678 Backers / $81,471.


Products created:
- The MOVA Freedom Ride Jacket
- The Urban Cycling T-Shirt   


Andrea Reyes: With 30 years Andrea might not be the oldest, but without doubts, she is the wisest and calmest person of the Team. Graduated designer, she has the perfect eye for details. That’s how she became the cornerstone of the administrative part of the company. We can’t print a sticker without her knowing what’s going on. And that’s a good thing, because she will also improve the design when she sees it.

Daniela Zapata: Co-founder of MOVA, Daniela found out how to buy the first string and where to find the first factory to create MOVA’s first jacket. Born in Bogotá, she guides us in this big and exciting city. If you are a supplier, a carrier or a factory, you will have to love and fear her. That’s what happens when you mix a great businesswoman to a beautiful person.

Roland Harper: is the US-French guy who started the project. Take a look at almost any of our videos to see him in action creating new awesome prototypes. Beyond changing the life of urban cyclists, he loves taking pictures and travelling around the world, what led him to Colombia in the first place. In Bogotá since 4 years, he’s now considered as a local.

Serious fact: Roland speaks French, English, Spanish, German and Turkish. And he’s currently learning Portuguese. 

Simon Zimmer: is French-German and co-founder. Responsible of the Marketing and Sales, he has the difficult mission to translate our simple dream – more happy cyclists in our cities – into the photos, videos and texts that led you to this webpage in the first place. If you can’t find him behind a camera or a computer, he is probably riding the hills around Bogotá on his mountain bike.

Serious fact: With 26 years, Simon has two different Master Degrees that have nothing to do with his current job.

MOVA Team riding together with their MOVA reversible cycling jackets
Roland, Laura, Daniela & Simon en Bogotá, where everything is produced

MOVA cycling team shooting photos in Bogota's hills

MOVA cycling jacket waterproof reversible lightweight here in yellow and black  on simon in Bogota Lorena with a Yellow Reversible Light Waterproof Yellow Cycling jacket and jersey in a  Rooftop in Bogotá

MOVA cycling jacket back view with the ass saver

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Sizing Guide Men & Women

We know it's not easy to choose the size of your jacket! Relax :) We are here to help you in your mission to ride more bicycle. In any case, feel free to shout us an email at family@movacycling.com or chat with us to get more information.


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