Fair trade policy

Política buena papa mova cycling. descuentos para Colombia, Bogotá y latin america


Being a company based in Bogotá, Colombia, we want our high quality products to be accessible locally.
Our products are made by Colombian hands, 100% of the production is made in Bogotá and 90% of our supplies are made in Colombia too.

That´s why we created the BUENAPAPA policy: discounts for Colombia and Latin America made possible thanks to the exportation of our products overseas.

We want happy cyclists all around the world. That's why we work. That's the BUENA PAPA Policy.


Discount codes:

"BUENAPAPA" (-25%) Use the discount code
Valid on all your purchases and pre-orders in Colombia.
Free bike-delivery in Bogotá.

"MAXIPAPA" (-33%) Use the discount code 
For purchases over 600,000 Colombian pesos.
Only available in Colombia. Free bike-delivery in Colombia.

"LATINPOWER" (-10%) Use the discount code 
For Latin America: valid on all our products and pre-orders, includes free shipping to all Latin America (excluding Argentina and Brazil)



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