Slow but surely - Survey for Kickstarter Backers news :)

Slow but surely - Survey for Kickstarter Backers news :)

Dear cycling family,

Today we started sending to each of you a confirmation message of your personal and shipping information. Everyday we are working hard to make all this perfect. Stay tuned and for those who didn't answer the survey, please to do so (!!). 

Yes haha, there are still people out there who did not answer the survey and who are driving us crazy. This is how Laura is feeling: (>_<)  I wanted to take of picture of her with this face but she said no. If one of your friend did not filled the survey yet, please wake him up kicking his a** !! :)

On our side, last week, we have been working on the production and shipping schedule. The zippers are on their way: we ordered 21.000 thousands zippers, 3 different kinds, 15 colors, 14 sizes. Definitely the hardest part is done. This was tought but we made it. It was thecraziest excel sheet of our life :)
Twice a week we meet with our partners at the factory to define the last details that we already told you for our jacket, reflective, design, zippers.

We wish your a very happy cycling week, plenty of love. 



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