Made out of recycled fabrics, the new MOVA T-shirt is both ecological and technical.

It has reflectives to be seen, it has a zipped pocket to carry your phone and light weight fabrics under the arms to avoid bad odours.


visible at night



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The sweater/hoody is your perfect second-layer that protects you from the cold weather. The jersey is great for speed and any outdoor adventure. The Air Jacket is the lights apparel we've ever made and is perfect for mountain biking or road cycling.

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Smart organization is everywhere:

    • Reflective system
    • Zipped Pocket
    • Opening for earphones
    • Dry Fast
    • Ecological textile

      It is a path of sustainability, honesty and love for the planet on which we want to walk, together with other dreamers, to make our products an engine of change.

      This is a path that will take time and will be full of challenges, but in which we believe we can change.


      We believe that together we can save and stop polluting water, eliminate toxic waste, reduce carbon emissions and use less oil.


      We believe MOVA can be constructive and we dream of a planet where we design and wear what we believe in.

Taking care of your jacket is easy:

  • Machine washable with cold water and soap
  • Never use softeners or harsh chemicals. It damages waterproofness
  • Hang and dry with fresh air. Don't use a dryer.