MOVA - the most funded cycling jacket in Kickstarter history

MOVA - the most funded cycling jacket in Kickstarter history

Dear Cycling Family from around the world,

What an amazing end to an incredible campaign. $132K from over 1200 backers. All together, we created the most funded cycling jacket in Kickstarter history.


Thank you for your support, for believing in our team, for your amazing interests in the Participative Design Updates, for your feedbacks that will help us improve what we most love doing. We couldn't ask for better, we couldn't even dreamt for better. This is a life changing experience we are going through thanks to the magic of Kickstarter.


In the past 2 months we have been working very hard. We took a little break this weekend so we could enjoy our bicycle, clear our mind and get back to you with the best energy.

We've got tons to talk about...our master plan for getting your rewards out, introduce you with new team members, what products we're gonna make next... This is such an exciting experience to live, we want to share with you as much as we can over the coming weeks.


Kickstarter just sent the order to your bank to do the transfer. Some of our backers from have problems due to controls over their payments. If so, get in touch with your bank because we can not do much about it.

We are also making sure that we will not have legal issue with transferring your pledges to Colombia. US government controls money going to Colombia but everything is ok since everything can be justified. We were afraid last week that the CIA would knock our door asking what the hell was going on with all that money coming in. Some nice people are giving us good advice here so that we are not suspected illegal activities :)

Regarding the jackets and the rewards, we are making sure everything will be ready when we will receive your pledges here to start the production. 

The factory we are working with used to work for the army and produces extremely high quality jackets! They also have very high production capacities. We will talk more about this later on :)

Next week we will send you a survey to know more your choices including:

  • Your shipping address
  • You will be able to add products to your actual pledge
  • Your color choice and size for all products in your reward (jacket, jumper, jersey, messenger bag, tshirt, cap)
We also plan to ask you a few other questions in the survey to better understand who you are, how you found us, what you think of us, and what you'd like to see us do in the future.

And that's that for now. Hold tight for those surveys, they're coming soon!

The Mova Team


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