Made for everyday riders, the hoodie protects you from the wind and from the cold.

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This hoodie is ideal for a cold winter night!

It's an adventure hoodie in any way. It's also ideal to wear by itself since it also has styled triangular reflectives stripes on the back and on the wrists.

The hoodie is an excellent on and off the bike garment. And you will also use it for any outdoor adventure. It's build to last thanks to high quality fabrics and great inputs.

Taking care of your jacket is easy:

  • Machine washable with cold water and soap
  • Never use softeners or harsh chemicals. It damages waterproofness
  • Hang and dry with fresh air. Don't use a dryer.

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The sweater/hoody is your perfect second-layer that protects you from the cold weather.
The jersey is great for speed and any outdoor adventure. The Air Jacket is the lights apparel we've ever made and is perfect for mountain biking or road cycling.

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